Texts learn in hypnosis

Another method is learning while under hypnosis. On the one hand it has an important advantage: only very few repetitions are needed when under hypnosis. On the other hand, however, it has the disadvantage that a suitable hypnotist is probably only available on rare occasions.

We have now learned the most important methods of actual sleep-learning and will now go on to examine other learning methods in depth, which likewise have many advantages and are very useful in a variety of ways. These methods are based more or less on the same principle as learning while you sleep, that is, on the receptiveness of the subconscious. The difference between these methods and actual sleep-learning is found solely in the fact that it is not necessary to be in an actual sleeping state but instead in a more or less half-awake or completely awake state.  There are many interim states between the state of being awake and that of sleep and, as hypnosis and suggestions teach us, a person is actually only completely awake in very few exceptional cases. This means, however, that he is always in a position to take in learning matter subconsciously, and this is what we want to exploit.

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Learning in hypnosis