Modern Hypnosis Techniques

Picture the image of your having just placed a test person under hypnosis and that person is greatly enjoying munching his way through a whole bunch of bananas even though they are actually pickled gherkins. Or your test person is convinced that he’s got to pack his suitcase immediately even though he isn’t actually due to go anywhere.

Once you’re able to hypnotize, your audience will adore you. That’s for sure!

By the way, you’ll always find suitable test people to hypnotise, as anybody who’s mentally sound can be hypnotized.

To hypnotize, normally you only need a few minutes. Very often though it can be done within moments.

Any normal, intelligent person can learn how to hypnotize. This includes you! To do so, you don’t need any especially strong willpower or any magical powers. You can learn to hypnotize quite easily and quickly by following instructions. You don’t need any special abilities to be able to hypnotize.

By the way, hypnotizing is completely without risk!

Any person who has been hypnotized can be woken again very quickly. Although it is possible to carry out a crime under hypnosis, this is extremely rare. At least, much rarer than other crimes. Anyone who can hypnotize has more success in life. For this reason, anyone who can hypnotise doesn‘t need to become a criminal.

Hypnotizing can be learned at home following a self-study programme!

To learn how to hypnotize, you don’t have to attend a hypnosis school. You can learn how to hypnotize from the comfort of your own home in a course of self-study. You don’t need any special prior knowledge or skills.

Why not try it out yourself right now

Modern Hypnosis Techniques. Advanced Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others. A step-by-step guide to hypnosis with more than 60 practical exercises.

MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES | Learn how to hypnotize myself and others

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