Subliminal learning sleep

Now we want to get to know a whole new way of learning and trying to make it applicable: The subliminal learning. How man can take subconscious knowledge, without even being aware of how to listen, it may include some subconscious contents even record even if they are designed so that they can be consciously perceived, and no longer recognized. So if these are among the recording threshold of consciousness.
To make the foundations of this type of inclusion in the subconscious mind as clear as possible, here are two examples:

  1. First In a hypnosis experiment with a recording folk festival music was played, and in such a loud and close that you can not hear yourself speak could. But first, a subject was hypnotized to hearing this noise, but only what was spoken to her. Well – the result was that the subject to a degree unlikely that understood what the investigator told her, without being disturbed by the music festival. It was impossible to talk with another person even a single word, because every word sank in the volume of the voice, so consequently disappeared beneath the conscious inclusion threshold. According to this principle, it is also educational content learn subliminally.
  2. Second In a movie theater in New Jersey acting subliminally Projector is placed. This hidden extremely short time (1/3000 second) every 5 seconds in the demonstration of an ordinary film short sentences like: „Get popcorn“ and these overlays any of the spectators were aware, since so short sentences with a 1/3000 second can not could be perceived consciously. But still the sales of popcorn rose in this movie by about 75%. In another presentation in the viewer: „Get Coca Cola“ and then also the sales of Coca-Cola rose by about 75% in this movie.

It is clear, therefore, that both sound like light signals can be absorbed by the human consciousness, if they are below the recording threshold of consciousness, thus no longer be consciously perceived. The effect of subliminal learning proves it, and finally there are no better and safer than just proof of the success.

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 Subliminal learning