The effects between hypnotizing others and self-hypnosis are identical

As hypnotizing others and self hypnosis are in essence the same, the same effects can be achieved with both of them.

Anything that is possible when hypnotizing other people is also possible with self-hypnosis.

The only difficulty arises in that when hypnotizing others the hypnotist can influence the test person but with self hypnosis there’s no hypnotist available. And while you’re under self hypnosis, you can’t influence yourself because any attempt to talk to yourself or to think consciously will cause you to awaken from the self hypnosis.

That is the reason why so little has been heard about self-hypnosis for such a long time.

Although it has probably always been possible to hypnotize yourself, hypnosis on its own does not make any sense. If you want to make use of it and achieve something with it, then you have to be able to influence yourself when you’re under hypnosis. Otherwise there’s no point to hypnotise yourself.

For self-hypnosis to achieve its practical purpose, there is, for example, a method by means of a so-called pre-hypnotic influence (pre- hypnotic suggestions).

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