Various methods of rapid hypnosis | Learn step-by-step

There are many rapid hypnosis methods in the field of rapid hypnosis and nearly every hypnotist has his or her own methods. Show hypnotists in particular make use of rapid hypnosis in order to impress their audience and to create a good basis for all suggestion experiments in an awake state. There is nothing that can convince and surprise an audience more than the fact that a hypnotist can hypnotize someone so quickly and safely. Some hypnotists that work on the stage with rapid hypnosis use the moment of mental inhibition that a normal person feels when he or she find themselves on a stage in front of an audience.  They then only need to look at the relevant test person and make a sleep suggestion. Usually with this type of person the SELF is anyway no longer in the center of consciousness simply because of their shyness.

Other methods of rapid hypnosis are:

  • The test person stands in front of the hypnotist who looks the person in the eyes and makes a few suggestions of heaviness followed immediately by sleep suggestions.
  • Or the hypnotist  makes only a few  suggestions, which produce drowsiness and then sleep.
  • The hypnotist asks the test person to fix their gaze on a finger or on a shiny object and after a few seconds simply suggests heaviness in the test person’s eyelids and sleep.
  • Or the hypnotist lightly strokes the test person’s temples and at the same time suggests that the person’s eyes are heavy and sleepy. Upon hearing the suggestion:  “Now go to sleep, very deeply and soundly — more and more soundly!” The test person falls asleep.

Rapid hypnosis methods are very interesting for a layperson, for hypnosis therapy they are only used in exceptional cases, apart from post-hypnosis with post-hypnotic suggestions or post-hypnotic signal methods. This is because a rapid hypnosis that is produced by fast and ultra-fast methods is usually light and superficial, and the same results can be achieved with awake suggestion experiments. Everything you need to know about rapid hypnosis with step-by-step experiments can be found in MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES by Tony Gaschler.

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