The subconscious mind learns while sleeping

Learning is usually seen as a difficult activity, and it is tempting for this reason, this seemingly unpleasant activity as much as possible to go out of the way. Why is that? And why the learning is usually considered stressful, unpleasant and uncomfortable to be so difficult? That’s because the human subconscious fights against everything that is learned consciously. However, one can not definitely say that the conscious learning would be useless in all respects. No, not at all. But a certain kind of learning is useless, namely to want to squeeze the misguided efforts, knowledge material in the memory, the so-called buffalo.

Our memory does know stuff quite easily possible to self. One can for example be a hypnotized subject to any section of a newspaper to read once. Then you take away her newspaper. After some time she gives you a big and blank sheet of paper in his hand and suggested it, this would be the newspaper and she should now read the section again. And what you experience like? The subject reproduced the article imagination according to the blank sheet and reads it properly before it from memory.

This indicates that the memory’s play is learning body of knowledge, such as languages, vocabulary and texts, and that every effort is actually nonsense here. For this reason, our subconscious mind reacts to learning the traditional way with uneasiness and resentment and it creates the annoying feeling that learning as vocabulary and formulas is difficult and cumbersome.

Our memory and our subconscious are also receptive when we sleep normally. And this basic knowledge is the theoretical basis of the sleep-learning method.

Learn While You Sleep. Quickly, simply and effectively. Learn languages through subliminal learning. Learn foreign languages without an accent. Learn texts and vocabulary without swotting.

The subconsciousness learns in the sleep