Overcoming personal shortcomings through self-hypnosis

Undesirable habits can be overcome.

There are many undesirable habits and nearly all of them can be removed through self-hypnosis when used together with conditional suggestions (that is those suggestions that rely on conditional reflexes). These include nail biting, nose-picking, bed-wetting, addiction to pills, anxiety and stress-related illnesses etc.

Mental attitude adjustment through self-hypnosis

A negative attitude, whether it is all the time or only occasionally, may be eliminated through self-hypnosis. A negative attitude might be one of melancholy, anxiety, pessimism or negativity, to name just a few.

A change in your basic mental attitude can be achieved very quickly and effectively through self-hypnosis.

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Overcoming personal shortcomings with self hypnosis techniques

German language version: Die Beseitigung persönlicher Mängel durch Selbsthypnose