Overcoming test anxiety or exam anxiety

Social anxiety and mental inhibitions of a negative type such as exam anxiety, text anxiety, a fear of public speaking or being afraid to speak, or stuttering anxiety are always developmental inhibitions.

They prevent self-development within human society and thereby prevent the mind from adapting to a natural and normal state of human consciousness – equanimity and the experience of joy.

Examples of such negative inhibitions on development are: nervousness in the company of others, a fear of public speaking or being afraid to speak , blushing, speaking to authority figures, self-consciousness with members of the opposite sex, inferiority complex, a fear of people, a lack of courage, shyness, lack of social contact, inability to express oneself and only saying what you think people want to hear, feelings of anxiousness about certain people or groups of people, fear of specific situations, avoidance of eye contact, lack of sangfroid, exam anxiety or a fear of tests, performance anxiety, avoidance of social events or anywhere people are gathering, a fear of entering public offices and dealing with people in authority, feelings of embarrassment, feelings of trepidation, sweating in certain situations and in front of certain people, fear of initiating and maintaining conversation etc.

How is it possible to overcome exam anxiety?

For those who suffer a fear of exams, not only do various behavioural symptoms arise but the fear of exams also causes an information blockage. Due to developmental inhibitions, the flow of information will actually be cut off. All the knowledge that has been acquired is suddenly irretrievable in the moment of exam anxiety. It could be surmised that an entire career could depend on this expected occurrence of exam anxiety.

A fear of exams and similar fears and behaviours grouped together under social anxiety are developmental inhibitions. All these blockages have to be overcome and replaced by a free, uninhibited and self-assured poise.

You can achieve this when you have a response system free of inhibitions, which you can systematically build up by applying the EL-METHOD by Tony Gaschler.


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