No more public speaking anxiety – Overcoming fear of public speaking with the EL-METHOD by Tony Gaschler.

A fear of public speaking or fear of speaking in front of people – A problem of social situations and daily life.

The fact whether a person suffers from social anxiety such as a public speaking phobia, a fear of speaking in front of people or of stuttering, or whether the person can meet these situations with self-assured poise and speak freely decides whether the person can develop within human society and to what extent they can participate in society’s prosperity and opportunities.

It is a well-known fact that inhibited people with a fear of public speaking, fear of speaking to people or who are anxious about stuttering ( stuttering anxiety ), cannot develop to their full potential. Also that people with anxieties are not able to take up the professional and social position that they have earned through their knowledge, skills and application, and which they are otherwise perfectly suited to.

And it is also a well-known fact that people with a fear of public speaking and social anxiety disorder suffer more, are dissatisfied and unhappy living isolated on the edges of society, although nature also intended that they, too, should be entitled to and take an active part in society. A solution to overcoming social anxiety problems depends therefore on how your personal social life is expected to be in the future, how you will be able to develop in the future and whether you accept your desired social position in the future. Also dependent on the solution to your anxiety problem is how closely you can match your ideal image of a satisfied, successful and happy person in the future.

The EL-METHOD has the task of freeing you from your anxiety problems of “public speaking phobia and a fear of speaking in front of people“. It gives you a range of highly-effective exercises that assure success and which by following the instructions you can overcome negative mental inhibitions and social anxiety such as a fear of public speaking ( anxiousness about stuttering, stuttering anxiety) without fail and instead can replace these with positive characteristics that enable you to develop your personality and skills such as: self-confidence, poise, freedom of expression, self-assuredness, self-awareness, self-esteem and a new zest for life.

Alongside this, this method gives you a practical opportunity to become a less inhibited and more self-assured person and to commence a new, better, more successful and even more satisfying and happy life.

The fact that it is possible to actually overcome social inhibitions with the EL-METHOD, such as inferiority complexes or a fear of public speaking, is evidenced by the success it has enjoyed so far in Germany under the name EE-Methode. Since it was first conceived, numerous success stories have been written by German people who have already used the method. And that is quite something! These success stories come from people from all walks of life, from day labourers with little education up to university graduates including lawyers and lecturers. Both men and women have been able to achieve results with this method, with many females from young female sales assistants up to experienced business women benefiting from its success. In many of these success stories it has been confirmed that not only social inhibitions and anxieties such as a fear of speaking in public or of beeing afraid to speak disappeared but also that a completely new feeling of happiness and attitude to life took hold.

Now you can learn how amazingly easy it is to overcome social anxiety disorders with the EL-METHOD.


EL-METHOD by Tony Gaschler

Overcoming fear of public speaking | Free of public speaking anxiety

German language version: Redeangst überwinden – Die Therapie für sicheres Auftreten