Turning red is simultaneously automatic self-hypnosis

Going red can also be explained as the effect of involuntary self-hypnosis.

When doing so, however, you have to start from the views put forward by Dr S. J. van Pelt, President of the British Society for Medical Hypnosis, in his book ”HYPNOTISM“. He writes:

“One hundred percent concentration is synonymous with deep hypnosis. Feelings (emotions) concentrate the mind into a state of hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

And in this state, every idea that is absorbed works with the power of a hypnotic suggestion, even if the person himself is not aware of it.“

It is a well-known fact that in a state of hypnosis (self-hypnosis), that is to say in a state where the mind is FULLY CONCENTRATED (or to put it another way, in a state where FULL and COMPLETE ATTENTION is focused in a single direction) physical effects can be triggered simply by spoken words. Thus it is child’s play to cause a hypnotised person to turn red by saying to the person: “Your face will now become red, redder and redder!“ You then only need to wait about 10 to 20 seconds before the response cycle causes the blood vessels in the face to relax completely and the results become visible.

If you assume that a one-hundred percent concentration of attention is synonymous with a state of self-hypnosis, then you won’t be surprised to find that blushing occurs with “hypnotic“ certainty as soon as a person fights against it WITH ALL HIS WILLPOWER.

In this state of FULL and COMPLETE resistance the person’s attention is one hundred percent concentrated and this concentration is directed towards the basic idea: BLUSHING!

If you further consider how Dr van Pelt says that emotions (e.g. fear is a strong and highly effective emotion!) centre the mind in a state of self-hypnosis, then it becomes clear that a higher degree of fear (anticipated fear) of blushing in connection with the idea of blushing can automatically trigger blushing to manifest itself to its fullest extent.

This allows us to put forward the formula that CONCENTRATION ON TURNING RED when combined with the EMOTION OF FEAR automatically triggers actual blushing.

This principle naturally also applies to other types of inhibition that trigger shyness, a fear of speaking and other feelings of inferiority.

The same rules also apply to annoying habits, compulsive behaviours or addictive behaviours such as excessive smoking and eating.

If we speak of hypnosis in relation to turning red, then we mean self-hypnosis and not the show booth style of hypnosis, nor do we mean any sleep-like state.

We are simply and solely assuming that hypnosis basically involves a highly-concentrated state of consciousness that is triggered by strong feelings (emotions, emotional excitement) and in which an idea that is at the centre of attention can be realised more or less.

In principle any hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis, even if a person is hypnotised by a hypnotist. For this reason, hypnosis can only be achieved if the person being hypnotised (previously this was also called a medium) agrees to this of his own free will and lets himself be hypnotised willingly. The hypnosis procedure consists of the hypnotist using his words to cause the person being hypnotised to voluntarily turn his attention to the feeling of physical relaxation and to keep it there. After a time the person’s body relaxes more and more and a state of highly-concentrated attention is reached. It is then in this state of highly-concentrated attention that through his words (called suggestions) the hypnotist can exercise a certain influence on the subconscious and involuntary functions of the person being hypnotised.

Thus in this way, for example, under hypnosis a doctor can place healing suggestions, thoughts and ideas in the subconscious, which then become reality over time as long as the person is prepared to take part in hypnosis sessions repeatedly. Hypnosis is more frequently used nowadays in alternative therapy treatments for healing purposes.

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German language version: Ist das Erröten oder auch Rot werden nur Selbsthypnose?